In my first article I explained how much I cherish music and all the playlists that I have created and why I feel I am stronger when listening to music. I can focus and write for days. Or when in the kitchen I can clean or cook better when I have music in the background (at least in my mind). Although, I can’t carry a tune when singing, I love to sing. So music is a gift to me in saying that, I wanted to share part two of Music and Memories because songs carry a lot of memories over my lifetime. Hopefully, you will like some of these songs and find the beauty in what they represent or what the artist conveys. If you can feel the music, it takes you to a different level of enjoyment.

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Part Two:

The Middle

performed by Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey, this song reminds me of my family, dancing at a wedding to this song.  I wasn’t even at the wedding but the snapchats they all sent explained the evening in a poppy, snappy way that I cherished seeing the fun they all had and shared together, a pleasant memory  I think of every time I hear the song. Listen to the lyrics; it’s such a fun song! I keep this in my “Uplifting” playlist.  I believe the undertones of meeting in the middle is something we all should try and do.



Play That Song

sung by Train, it’s a remake but it’s fun and catchy.  My son and I would drive to school every morning and sing this song at the top of our lungs.  I love this memory with him.  It just makes you feel good.  It’s still in our “Way 2 School” playlist because it just brightens your day or moment.



Pound the Alarm

by Nicki Minaj, this song generates power, if you need an adrenaline rush, then this is your song.  When I walk or run this was my song, my memory of working hard.  It’s under my playlist “Running songs” because I will move so much more when this song.  I like Nicki Minaj, not so much the explicit stuff (but I am “seasoned”) I like this hard pounding, electric beat to get the heart racing.  Check it out!



Ordinary World

performed by Janet Devlin, my friend Robert told me about this artist and wow, she has this chilling voice that explodes in your head.  Robert (writer and he has written on our blog) and I share a love of music so we swap new artists or old ones to share.  Ordinary World is a distributing and haunting song that makes you think.  “What is happening to me? Some will say crazy….” Deep and dark lyrics sung by an angel’s voice. “Somehow I will survive….” Truer words that she sung in a melody that is unique and unsettling.  This is in my “Slow Walking” playlist.



Never Enough

beautifully sung by Loren Allred, it’s a song from The Greatest Showman – I hope you have seen the movie because it is fantastic!! My sister, Shari, told me about this song and it’s in my “Uplifting” playlist because some days you need a little pick me up, right?  This song reminds me of her and her son, Bo.  OMG it gives me chills every time I hear it (and I have heard it a bunch of times).  “Never enough for me….” The song tells the story of never giving up and never having enough.  Loren Allred has a powerful voice and conveys the message so clearly and powerfully!



Bad Company

performed by Five Finger Death Punch, I am truly a closet head banger!  I blame my husband (in a loving way) because he loves heavy metal and over the years I have come to love it probably more than him.  This band reminds me of my husband and we bang our heads in the car as we listen to the band or out by the pool as we are swimming or relaxing.  I do have a “Heavy Metal” play list and boy does it get the heart racing.




recorded by Mandisa, I first saw her on American Idol several years ago but now she is a gospel singer.  This song resonates with me because it’s about overcoming obstacles which we all have obstacles in live. Mine was getting through breast cancer. It’s in my “Gospel” Playlist with its vivacious undertones and righteous belief of the Lord, above it makes me feel like I can take on the world. It’s very uplifting!




recorded by Caro Emerald, one of my dearest friends that I share such a love for music with, told me about this singer.  Caro Emerald is in my “Coffee House and Jazz” playlist.  Steve and I work together setting or creating beautiful rooms for our meetings and events.  Over the years we have built an amazing stage or event and in the background we listen to his playlist of outrageous songs, from heavy metal to pop to alternative.  This is one of the songs that just make you feel great (and that you can keep going to get the work done)!



Nunca Es Suficiente

performed by Natalia Lafourcade, it’s in Spanish and I am not sure what she is singing but I like the beat and the vibe she is sending through her voice.  One of my dearest friends, Nicole turned me onto this singer and I have enjoyed her songs so much!  This is on my “World Music” playlist it makes me think of the cool times I have had on the beaches across the Caribbean enjoying the good life!




Runnin’ Home to You –

sung by, Grant Gustin, which is the Flash on TV.  My son and I absolutely love this TV show.  It’s family friendly and has a lot of plot twist.  The Flash did a musical for one of their episodes.  I loved the musical, my son – not so much.  But this song that Grant Gustin sung wasn’t the greatest but the emotion that he conveyed was so touching and we FELT what he was singing.  Every time I hear this song, I think of my husband (and son) and how much I love them and want to run home to them every day after work.  This is in my “Easy Listening” playlist.


I enjoyed going down memory lane as I wrote this piece. Hopefully you have too and will find some songs or artist I have mentioned. We would love to hear any suggestions you have on music and memories! I think songs help me remember a memory or they trigger memories over my lifetime. Build your playlist and enjoy the love of sound through the music available to us around the world.


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