Are you an identical twin, parents of twins or multiples, or a parent in general?

We are identical twins, with two very different lives; we are parents and best friends too.  We are modest women with ordinary stories to share with the world.  We are the girl next door to the workaholic.  We are humble, yet swanky and want to explode the biosphere through blogging and meeting new people.

We hope to share our twisted twinology of motherhood, life, parenting, being an identical twin, fashion, technology, cooking and many other topics for others to relish and learn from our experiences.  Come laugh, cry and help us as twins to live life with you through our muses of being identical twins.


Twinology is our twisted view on being twins with similarities and differences.

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These tips will help all families go and enjoy various vacations all over the world.

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Regardless if you have one child, twins or multiple, we all need advice as mothers and we hope to offer as much as we can.

Our Journey as Mothers


Here’s a little twist on all of your favorite meals and cravings.

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Here we will explore some of our favorite books, gadgets, and some amazing tips to maneuver the internet world.

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We want to provide you tips on staying fit, eating healthy and wearing the best outfit for your shape.

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Before we start, are you familiar with Hellin’s Law?

Hellin’s Law states that before the advent of fertility methods, the natural occurrence of multiples would be as follows:

Twins 1 in 90 live births, Triplets 1 in 8,100 live births, Quadruplets 1 in 729,000 live births, Quintuplets 1 in 65,610,000 live births.

“There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared... twins."

 – Josh Billings