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My Wedding Fiasco:

Looking for stories of people who ended up getting hurt at their wedding or something happened and people had to go to the hospital? Either hilarious or harrowing. IE: Bride and groom fell trying to recreate dirty dancing song and fell on head and ended up in hospital; had food poisoning ended up in hospital; tripped down steps at alter; pregnant bride-water broke and ended up in hospital giving birth fight broke out, etc. ANY story where the wedding was disrupted and ended up in ER at some point.

If you know a story, please email : [email protected]

Please include your name, contact info-tel # and the story

Surgery Before Wedding:

Casting people who DID take care of a physical medical condition  or WANT TO before their wedding? (NOT breast augmentation/reductions, liposuction or small weight-loss) Think skin abnormalities, deformities, conditions-something that made you or someone you know really want to take care of it before they pose for a thousand pictures.

If you know a story, please email : [email protected]

Include your name, contact info-tel #, all details about the surgery you had or wanted

** Feel free to tell us the story if you know someone..we will be recreating story

Looking For Myth Busters Hosts

Think Myth Busters meets Jackass

If you love science; love to perform crazy experiments;  have a great personality and your always thinking outside of the box, you may be the host we’re looking for. Email: [email protected]

Include your name, contact tel #, where you live , about your background, about your experiments , LINKS to anything you may have posted on line


Maybe you have a huge Brady Bunch family -went from 5 to 12 when you got married?

Maybe your family dynamics increased when you took in your family member or friends 5 kids due to circumstances?

Maybe you are an amazing family that all has a condition ( ie:albinism)?

Maybe you are a large family living on the road? RV Living

Maybe you have 3 or more sets of multiples ?

Whatever your situation, we want to hear your story.

Please email : [email protected]

Include your name, contact tel #, where you live, details about your story and your family

Experienced Paranormal/Ghost Team:

Experts with a strong background in history.


Have you always been fascinated by the Ghosts of the Civil War, searched for the ancient historical ghosts that have helped shape American History-Lewis and Clark, George Washington, Wild West heroes, etc?

If so, email: [email protected]

Subj title: Paranormal

Include your name, contact info, about your paranormal background and history background

Ex’s (Divorcees) That Still Live In the Same House With Their Ex’s and New Significant Others and All Children Under One Roof

(Divorcees must have new significant others in house as well)

If this sounds like you, email: [email protected]

Include your names, where you live, # of children and ages, contact info, about your lives and family


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