The title tells it all. Music makes memories for me. You should see my playlists; I have so many it confuses people when they look at it. But in fairest, I use music as a tool for my writing, relaxing, working out and just having fun by the pool. Music brings an element of comfort into my life. So many memories can be trigged by a song, that moment in time that was important, the first kiss, the first child, dancing in the kitchen with your family and so many other wonderful memories.


Here are some of my favorites below:


The Sound of Silence
I know you’re thinking Simon and Garfunkel but NO, it’s from a band name Disturbed. The remake of this song is so haunting – “hello darkness, my old friend” and the intensity as the song moves through the different passages is overwhelming. It’s a powerful song. Listen to it and tell me what you think.


As It Seems
I happened upon this song from watching “Criminal Minds” and it was, well gosh, the best word to describe it is “real” sad to the core but real to life. Not sure that makes sense but it gave me chills, maybe because of the scene it was in or just her melody of voice that portraits life challenges.


Let’s Hurt Tonight
Ryan Tedder is a brilliant man, to say the least. I would LOVE to write like he does. His band OneRepublic sings this song beautifully. They convey the pain of working and wanting to have a normal life. What it takes to make a relationship work. I think through all of his writings, he captures the everyday living of people.


Sweet Caroline
yes but Neil Diamond. My son absolutely loves this son! We all sing to it in the car and we all dance in the kitchen while cooking. It’s that song that brings back memories of yesterdays but create new ones for today. I know it’s a throwback to the 70s but listen to it!

Try Me
from the electric James Brown, OMG, this song is just sensual….best way to put it, it’s a memory of my youth. When I thought I was in love and we danced to this song so many times. James Brown does it right!


Humble and Kind
by Tim McGraw, this song helped me through a very difficult time in my life. It was my “theme song” for when I was going through breast cancer. I can’t tell you the mornings after chemo that I was driving into the office and I listened to this song. It helped me to be MORE, to want MORE, it gave me patience, and it allowed me to feel sorry for myself but most of all it gave me the strength to live that day to the fullest. The lyrics reached my inner soul and the chorus “I know you got mountains to climb but always stay humble and kind.” Always stay humble and kind; I live by that to this day.


Wicked Game
Performed by David Cook, so I loved American Idol, with Simon Cowell. I liked the show because it was a good family show and always positive. Seeing these contests try so hard and achieve their dreams is very inspiring. But I will tell you, my favorite, David Cook. He has the rustic quality to his voice, the grit and emotion he conveys, just wow. I have all his songs. Take a listen, this is a remake but ever so good….authentic music from an unrated singer (in my humble opinion).


Tightrope (feature Big Boi)
Janelle Monae has the smooth but electric R&B sound that makes you want to tap your toes or get up and dance! We have Friday music in our office and this is a staple song for us. She is smooth and her voice is rich and like liquid honey. Tell me what you think!


Rise Up
Imagine Dragons, my sister Shari turned me onto this song, said “this song reminds me of you.” Well, I love this song! I would say that I am a positive person and this song is about rising up above the hard times, turning away from the darkness, simply put, believing. I always believe.


Hall of Fame
The Script (featuring listen to the lyrics, it’s pretty powerful. It’s your life and your reputation; do you want the world to know your name? I relate to this song because I always want to do “more” to try “harder” to be “better.”


I could give you a thousand more songs that I love but this is a snapshot of my music and what I like to listen to and what inspires me. Each day is different but creating memories through these songs is what is important to me anyway. I will have to share more later on because there are so many amazing songs out there. Also, share your favorites with us.
– Teri