Suddenly it’s the end of summer and time for school to start. Nobody was more excited than me. We had new dresses, shoes, crayons, big pencils, scissors, and backpacks bigger than the twins. We were ready. There would be NONE of that crying from this Mom. I said, you’ll love it and they believed me until their sister said, “No they won’t”.
Finally! The Big Day !!Lunches packed, shoes on, and the rose petals ready to throw in front of the bus and me grinning ear to ear as all four got on the bus and off they went.
I floated through my day with no calls from school and coffee with no interruptions. Pure bliss.
When I heard the bus, I headed outside to watch Kenny jump off with, “Hi Mom”. Then the twins with happy faces and Donna following with smoke coming out her ears. She yells, “How could you let them do this to me? I can’t even show my face at school tomorrow”. I said, “What did that do to you”? Answer: Dress like clowns!!!!
I turned around, looked at the twins, and sure enough, they really did look like cute little happy clowns.

Lesson 7: Check clothes before they leave home