Lesson’s Learned #8

Midway thru the first school year we were told both girls needed their tonsils and adenoids removed. The night before surgery Shari developed a fever. Hers was postponed 2 weeks.
Two weeks later I popped her out of bed and started getting ready. Donna walk in and said, you got the wrong one. “No, I don’t”! I said, “Yes!! Wrong one” she said. I finally ask,”Are you Shari?” “No, I’m Teri”. Oh Lord. Wrong girl.
On the way to the hospital I’m wondering:
When did my 8-year-old with the mouth turn 30?
When did I become a frantic 8-year-old?
And Where did she get that mouth?
Maybe her Aunt Nutcase on her father’s side.

Lesson 8: color code twins at birth