My youngest son just got his drivers license. We have a small truck for him to drive, but he wanted to drive my husbands big farm truck, big red F250 Ford. He loves it.

This brought back a memory of mine. The day Teri and I turned 16 years old we should have never passed our drivers exam. I honestly have no idea how we did it especially Teri. We had to do our exam in a 1976 Buick, the longest car ever made! We both failed miserably at parallel parking but somehow managed to pass our exam. License in hand we fought over who was driving home – mom won!

The next day Mom and our stepdad Bob bought us a 1965 Baby Blue Beetle Bug. OMG!! It was perfect, and we loved it. First lesson was learning how to drive a stick. (Which I think all drivers should learn how to drive a manual vehicle. It has come in handy over the years). We got the hang of it pretty fast, mainly because we didn’t want to drive the longest car in the world to school.

Everyday we would fight who would drive (I usually won) and we would even pick up our younger friends and head to school. We could leave at lunch and whatever friends we could grab we would head to the local deli. That car was a great incentive, breaking the rules wasn’t worth the risk (maybe to Teri at times?). I was a rule follower by nature, still am but having a car made both of us want to follow the rules even more.

This car brings back so many wonderful memories for me.  Teri and I shared some great fights and great emotions in that car. We drove it until it died a good death.

Honestly, in hind sight, we were happy to share a car. We really didn’t get along in High School, as we mentioned we were always compared and, in every class, together. This car forced us to be together and probably talk about issues we needed to talk about.

I wish I had a picture of us in that car!  As much as twins are suppose to share everything, this was a good share in the long run!