I think the most difficult situations in the world is leaving your baby (especially your first one) to go back to work. The minute we are pregnant that is something we constantly think about and it is always followed up by what do we do and who do we use.

I have had this discussion so many times over the years with several different parents and honestly the number one option in my opinion is Daycare! I just had this debate with several women and we all agreed, DAYCARE.

I am sure most of you are shocked by this, because everyone wants the secureness of a Nanny, they will be in your home and their will be more flexibility and attention and love. However, even with me, I did both and I will always recommend daycare facilities over a nanny.

I started my first born with a Nanny, however she wanted to do it at her house. She had one other child and she wasn’t going to have any others. Three months later she got another child just temporarily. She was certified, and we checked all her references, we loved her. We lasted about six months and moved to a different nanny. Within two years and both of our careers taking off and an additional child we researched daycares near us and checked out everyone. We decided this was our best option. By far the best decision, so when I had my third child he went to daycare with them until I decided to call the career quits for a while.

Why I liked daycare vs a nanny:
  1. Daycare has set hours and always a guarantee they are open (they can’t call in sick)
  2. Daycare has amazing staff if you find the right one
  3. Daycare has state rules and regulations
  4. I have found my best babysitters from daycare
  5. Daycare offers structure, balance and nurturing
  6. Structure in their day is important, reading time, play time, Storytime, art time, etc. it helps them prepare for school.
  7. You learn to socialize with kids your own age and share
  8. Daycare can’t quit after six months
  9. Daycare has summer activities for the kids to keep them busy mentally and physically
  10. Daycares have monitors so you can watch your child via apps so you can check anytime of day
  11. Daycare Increases your child’s socials skills through the daycare environment
  12. You meet other children and parents for weekend play dates
Trust me, there is no right or wrong here but daycare has more options for the working parents. I have had the advantage of talking with very powerful; smart parents, men and women regarding the daycare versus nanny option and most have expressed to me that daycare works better for them. Not just financially but the security in which you are giving to your children.

Teri has always worked, she is high ranking in her profession and after seeing my dilemma’s she went straight to daycare as well. Teri’s son learned how to speak English while in daycare. In addition, his social skills advanced so much being around other children his age. I realize you must do what is best for your family and baby/children however don’t cancel out the benefits of a good daycare. My kids still talk about it and they have friends they made at daycare and are still friends with them to this day.

I want to give a shout out to all the daycare workers, because these guys don’t even get enough praise!
– Shari