Being a twin is so fun and sometimes so hard.  But over the last five decades of being an identical twin, here is my top ten list of why I like being a twin.

  1. You always have a friend – When we started a new school (in the middle of our freshman year of high school) I was super scared but on the first day of high school at a new school wasn’t so bad because Shari was with me and experiencing the same thing.
  2. Tricking people is SO fun – Shari’s oldest son was born premature and he was so adorable. He would get confused as to who his mom was, so when Shari held him I would always play with him and see if he would come to me “as his mom.” He always would throw himself into my arms, laughing and giggling. I loved those moments!
  3. Built in Counselor – yep, Shari is my sounding board. She will always tell me if I am doing something wrong or right. She will support me in all my crazy chaos but she is the best person to share ideas, scary happenings and overall cheerleader when I need it.
  4. Shared memories – We grew up together, we live near each other, and we help with our children and even our animals. We have very deep seated memories that attach us through the decades. Very few people have lifelong friends and I am one of the lucky ones.
  5. Best Babysitter EVER – Having Shari watch my son was like me watching him. The complete level of trust is refreshing and relieving when you are going out of town or even date night!
  6. Severely Competitive – So let me just say that Shari is very competitive! I am too but she is more than me.  However, we will fight to win a competition. But if we are on the same team – watch out! We are strong together!
  7. Gift Giving is the BEST – Shari and I give each other the very best gifts because we know each other so well. Thus, we know what each other needs. It’s like Christmas every time Shari buys be a present.
  8. Switching Classes – oh yeah, we did it, Shari took all my math classes in high school and I took her English classes. It was totally awesome until I took my SATs and bombed the math portion…so I had to take so many make up math classes to get into college. At the time, it was a brilliant idea, but later learned never ever do that again. So I advise against it!
  9. You always have a Plus One! – For all those showers, weddings and birthday parties, I always had a “plus one” and I loved that! Plus, Shari is always fun to have at these events because she will communicate to everyone and she is very engaging. It helps if you are a little outside of your comfort zone.
  10. Roommate Needed? – Not for multiples. You always have a roommate when you go to college, start a new job or move out on your own. We lived together after high school and then after college. It helps when you know your roommate and you can trust them.

I hope these ten reasons will help you see that looking like someone else isn’t so bad. Life is what you make it and being a terrific twin isn’t so bad!