A Twins Fest!

Once I heard I had breast cancer, Shari and I created our own bucket list. Which we believe is important for everyone to do. Make a list of everything you want to see or do before you pass on with this life. Create these incredible memories with your family and friends. So we encourage you to create your bucket list!!

Once my health was cancer free, we decided it was time to do a few things on our bucket list. One goal was to create this website and write and blog our journey on being twins.  Another bucket list item was attending the Twins Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. We have always wanted to go and this year we packed up the car, stopped in Indiana to pick up our mom and drove to Twinsburg, Ohio.Check out this video about the festival!



This was an experience of a lifetime for us!  We want to dedicate this blog to all the amazing multiples and twins that we met. First, Mike and Steve – identical twin brothers we meet walking in the first day, such nice guys that made our first experience so amazing!  Second, Amanda and Lori, super cute identical twins we met the first afternoon over drinks and then walked the parade and even had dinner a couple of nights.  We will leave out last names but if they read this, they will know who we are talking about!  Lastly, if you don’t follow the Ganz Twins, www.twinsworld.com/aboutus.shtml we recommend it. They help to orchestra this huge festival and stay involved from beginning to end.

Our bucket list – lessons learned during this 5 day journey:

  1. My amazing sweet twin sister, Shari has road rage when driving. She likes to talk to the other cars or yell at them. But I thank her so much for driving the entire time! She is amazing!
  2. Our sweet mom enjoyed seeing all these twins so much and it was good for her to talk with other parents that had multiples. Check out her lessons learned section of our blog; it may help other parents or give you a good chuckle.
  3. When you are at the festival, it’s not “are you a twin” it’s are you “twin A or  twin B”? A is the first-born twin and B is the second born twin. For the record, Shari is A twin and Teri is the B twin.
  4. The positive environment is refreshing and invigorating to be around. From the door prizes to the outdoor festival, all was fun and festive!
  5. Our coolest moment was meeting the oldest Siamese Twins in the world, they are 67 years old. They are in the World Books of Records. They were funny and outgoing; it was a moment we will forever remember.
  6. We met the oldest twin brothers, 87 years of age. They taught us something that day – eat right and exercise daily and because they looked young and acted even younger (it was their first time too). We absorbed all the advice they were willing to share!
  7. When taking a picture, every twin or multiple is encouraged to jump in the picture. You just jump in and throw your phones to the people taking pictures.  It goes from six people in a picture to 60 people in a picture.
  8. When discussing life issues as a multiple, people totally and completely understood EXACTLY what you are going through. Because they have gone through it too!
  9. The parade was our favorite part, as we were waiting to walk down the street we got to see all different ages and multiples. All the costumes (which we will upgrade ours next year) were amazingly creative and sometimes wild! These people impressed us so much! The creativity was extraordinary! (Each year there is a theme that you dress for, for the parade).
  10. After the parade we went to the Festival all day and then there is an after party. They have a DJ and a dance floor. It was so much fun meeting the multiples and their families.

We fulfilled one item on our bucket list with this trip. Seeing some of the most remarkable people in the world was a gift that we treasured the most. We made new friends and this journey was stunning beneficial for us both. What is on your bucket list? Are you working on it? Doesn’t have to be big and elaborate, just needs to be YOURS.  Twins Festival was a memory that we will cherish for many years and look forward to attending this festival as many years as we can. If you attended the festival, please share you journey too.