Starting a family is scary whether it’s having a biological or adopting a baby, there are so many steps and things to ponder as you are starting this new chapter in your life.  If I could have had a biological child, I would have but we adopted, and it was one of the best decisions of my life.  I want to bring awareness to parents that adoption is very much needed in this world.  Children are resilient and loving little humans that want nurturing and a family to help them grow and flourish.  We have an epidemic in this world where so many children are left behind and need families.  From one parent to another, I encourage you to seriously consider adoption.  Your changing a life, not just theirs but yours too. 

In the core of my heart, my child was born, for the moment I saw his little picture, his chubby face and little legs, I knew he was mine.  My husband and I knew Daxston was our son and he was born from our hearts.  He is Filipino and just the best little guy! We struggled to figure out where to adopt, domestic or international.  In the end we decided to adopt from the Philippines.  We liked the little Catholic orphanages that the children stayed in and with the nuns to nurture them during their time there. 

We decided to adopt after years of infertility and struggle to conceive on our own.  I needed the guarantee of a child, to start our family and that is what adoption gave to us.  Parents adopt for many reasons, there is no right or wrong here!  As long as you have a stable home, a loving environment, willingly to go through the process and give a child a new chance at life, then adoption is for you.  We knew some parents that adopted due to a generic disorder or even wanted to pick the sex of their child or to provide a child in need.  Again, no right or wrong here as long as you have a loving home to provide for the child or children.

We adopted because we knew we wanted to have a child, thus the journey of the adoption process started.  It’s about the planning, where do you want to adopt from?  Are you gender specific in your adoption?  Do you want a newborn?  There are a lot of questions to figure out before you start this journey.  There are a ton of adoption agencies throughout the world, pick the right one for you!  Research, research and then research more!  The international adoption was important to us and we were not gender specific nor were we convinced we needed a baby, so we chose ages from newborn up to 2 years old.  Our son was two when we adopted him.  Our journey was three years from the day we started to the day we brought Dax home.  There are faster ways to adopt so I encourage you to explore all avenues and options, pick what is best for you and your family.

Why we adopted was right for our family, the best decision we ever made!  Our hearts are full, our life is exciting with a teenage boy now and we provided a life, not just for Dax but for us too!  My sister always says, “your life is measured by how much you give” and I believe her!  Give to a child in anyway you can. 

Please share your adoption stories with us!