We are a family of readers!  Mom Judy always read and still does, and it trickled down to us.  Trey and I always read to our children when they were young.  I am happy to say they are all good readers.

Reading takes you away into another world, how someone doesn’t enjoy reading is beyond me.  I just don’t read fiction, I read everything I can.  I wanted to share some of my favorite books so far:

Me before you – by JoJo Meyes.  Oh my gosh, when I read this book, I fell in love.  I am not a huge fan of this author, but this book had me from the get-go.  I remember my husband was being highly considered for a big role in his company.  We had to go to dinner with his potential new boss and his wife.  The four of us sat down and the men immediately started discussing work.  I started to ask his wife a couple questions, they were here visiting and during the conversation she said she was laying by the pool reading.  She was reading this book and I had just finished.  We found our connection, discussed the book, hit it off from there and it was a memorable night (and he got the job).  I loved the movie too, which I normally don’t like a movie from a book, but it was great. 

Time Travelers Wife –  by Audrey Niffenegger.  When you ask someone, what is your favorite book of all time and they tell you, I think it warrants reading it.  Don’t you?  I was having lunch with my pastor’s wife.  We found our connection thru the love of books.  I asked her, what is your favorite book of all time so far and she mentioned this book.  I honestly would have never read this book.  I loved it, a beautiful love story, elegantly written.  The movie wasn’t bad, worth watching.

Follow the River – by James Thom.  This book haunted me for days.  If you haven’t read this book, everyone needs too.  Especially a woman!  I read this years ago and I still remember everything about it.  This book is based on historical accounts back in the 1700’s.  It accounts a 23-year-old woman’s kidnapping and her trek to return to her husband, she followed the Ohio River.  Her determination and what she went thru is so appealing and profound. 

The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah.  This book is about two sisters in France during WW II, and their struggle to survive.  It is a beautifully written book about determination and love and support.  I couldn’t put it down.  I think it touches on being put to the test and what you are willing to do. 

Firefly Lane – Kristin Hannah.  This was my first Kristin Hannah read, my girlfriend told me to read this book and boy, am I glad I did.  This book is about friendship, loss and love.  It starts with a friendship in eighth grade and how this bond develops over the years.  This is in my opinion a true page turner.  It is a wonderful, riveting journey about friendship.

My Sister’s Keeper – by  Jodi Picoult.  All I can say about this book, even if you saw the movie and didn’t read the book (which the movie was terrible compared to this read) READ THIS BOOK!!  It was so unexpected; I could not put it down.  It crosses so many moral boundaries and makes you think outside of what you are willing to do.  Great read!

Are you there God, its me Margaret – by Judy Blume.  I think I read this book in middle school and I still remember it is to this day.  This was the first “grown up” book I have ever read.  It is about a sixth-grade girl who has grown up without a religious affliction, due to her interfaith parents’ marriage.  I still remember that book and I am in my early 50’s, what does that tell you? 

Little Women – by Louisa May Alcott.   A wonderful classic read!  This book follows the lives of four sisters in the 1800’s.  It starts with childhood and moves to adulthood.  It is really based on the author and her three siblings.  I know there are so many movies, a couple pretty good actually but read the book, it is so wonderfully written.

Love Story-  by Erich Segal.   This maybe one of the most powerful love stories I have ever read.  The movie was compelling as well with Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal.  It is a story of a rich jock from a stuffy WASP family on his way to a Harvard degree and a career in law and a young working-class woman studying music at a smaller college.  This is their beautiful love story; all I can say is read it and then watch the movie. 

1984 – by George Orwell.  I had to read this book in college, it was his final book.  I really didn’t think anything about it, but it relates to me now.  It is an amazing run as a work of political prophecy.  This book was intended as a warning about tendencies within liberal democracies but now it relates to what I am facing today.  Riveting as I reflect back to the read and where we are today and what was predicted. 

Yes, Please – by Amy Poehler.  This was very insightful for me.  First, of all she is witty, very witty.  Hearing how she got started in the business and her journey to success is exciting and encouraging.  Something that still sticks with me and I revert to, is she says you “gotta know your money maker”.  She knew she wasn’t the prettiest or the smartest, but her money maker was she could make people laugh.  Do you know your money maker?  It made me think about what mine is and how can I capitalize on it.  All young people should read this book!

If you read Teri’s post on her favorite books, I would add Where the Crawdads Sing and Rob Lowe’s biography to mine!!!