Through my lifetime I have always been conservative. Now that I am “seasoned” I really wish I was bolder and did things differently. However, with that said, I have worked in Corporate America for the majority of my life which consisted mostly of black, navy or brown. Regardless of my age, I have learned to accessorize more over the years and I have LOVED what I have learned! I wanted to share what works for me but you sample and find what works for you. Remember, there is no right or wrong, find your style and “own it.”

How to Fancy Up any outfit:
1. Large earrings can make any outfit dressy or casual
2. Right now the trend are long necklaces, try and pair with your next outfit
3. Layering your bracelets on your wrist
4. Try a belt – this will add dimension to your shape
5. Layer with a solid color sweater or a pretty wild jacket to jazz up your style
6. Switch out the boots for heels, experiment with your shoes
7. Style your hair differently, pulled up or add clips, wear a Hat – they are so in right!

How to be BOLD:
1. Wrap a light, patterned scarf around your neck (pick a bold bright color)
2. Pick one big accessory – like a large necklace to make a statement
3. Try some platforms – they will make your legs look amazing
4. Change that purse out! Try a different style, be bold!
5. Don’t be afraid to mix metals and patterns, for example, it’s totally okay to mix metals with your jewelry
6. Get your nails done, fancy can dress up your whole outfit
7. Change your hairstyle, try something new maybe even a different color

How to use Makeup to make a STATEMENT:
1. Go ahead and try that smoky eye look – watch YouTube they have great tutorials to help achieve the look you want
2. Bronzer to add a hint of color to your face – a little goes a long way!
3. Try a new lipstick maybe a matte or stain gloss.  This may just brighten up your face up
4. Have you ever tried the cat eye? I suggest you try it, gives your eyes a completely different look
5. Go for the nude face with black mascara and bright red lipstick
6. Experiment with your eye color to see what makes your eyes stand out
7. Blush can be a game changer.  Find one that is right for your skin tone!

Putting the right accessories together is a basic fashion skill that separates well-dressed people from those who just look boring. Sorry but it’s true. Once you have experimented and perfected your look you will always feel great and confident! The best part is accessories are less expensive and you can really enhance your look with limited investment. Plus, accessories always FIT!! You can always have a basic look but still look incredible when you add the right accessories. Remember, buy accessories that convey your personality and OWN IT!

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