Lessons Learned #3

After a few weeks of sleep deprivation from staggered nighttime feeds, I devised a foolproof plan.

When The first baby awakens, both would be fed. This would definitely work.

The night stand and crib were next to my side of the bed stacked with diapers (yes, they were cloth with safety pins) bottles and a change of sleepers just in case.

Sure enough Teri started crying at 1:00 am. I sat up with my back against the headboard, grabbed both girls, put them between my legs so they couldn’t roll off the bed, changed both diapers, propped a bottle in their months and thought. This was a great plan!!!

I was awakened 4 hours later when I felt little feet were kicking me. It was impossible to move my head because of positional neck pain but I did see four eyes looking at me with a grin. I had seen that grin before and figured I have to revise the plan; but first I had to find a way to get out of bed.

Lesson #3: Get a new plan.


Judy, Mom