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For us life is about our children, cooking and of course coffee!  As a mother, I am up early, making coffee and getting ready for the day.  Since Covid19, I am cooking more and I have to say, working from home, has led to more coffee to keep going and being a better multitasker than ever before!  Aren’t you?  We do what we must do to make everything work in our household, right?  In addition, juggling so many things that I have found that planning is critical (even more) than ever now. 

Through my morning as I am trying to work, juggle school lessons and thinking or planning through my day, my coffee is beside me the whole time.  Water – not so much, I tend to drink water all afternoon.  Who knows what is right or wrong but what I can tell you as a parent that coffee, cooking and children are always at my forefront!  I like to THINK I can plan for week of cooking, but that may not always happen!  My sister, Shari is GREAT about that, me not so much ☹.  However, I do try and make my breakfast, lunch and dinner most days for my boys.  Sometimes I cook all three meals and sometimes I wing it!  Usually, every morning I plan for the day and meals, sometimes the evening before I will do this, but it is most mornings.  That is when I am at my best!

As every parent we find our routine and do the absolute best we can.  I am one to keep trying new things if permittable but overall, I just do want is right for my family.  I drink too much coffee, I love my son and I love to cook, three things that work in our family.  I did not say I was a good cook, but I love to bake and cook for my family and friends.  I have to say, that I like making appetizers the most.  On game days I will cook for my family and friends, but it is snacky foods, that are my favorite.  Plus, it allows me to be creative because I can throw stuff together and usually it works, like redneck cheese dip (will be coming soon to our recipe section).  Love the way you can add your own flare to this recipe (wait and see).  Plus, you can create small amounts or big amounts, depending on how many people will be there. 

I like to have coffee available too, my son will drink it sometimes as well, he loves the flavored coffees.  He is ADHD and it does help with this too, to help him focus.  I have varied flavored creamers, heavy whipping cream and for the adults, Bailey’s, or Kahlua.  But I drink mine mostly black, sometimes I will flavor it up.  Whatever works for you because it is just yummy goodness to me! 

I think what I wanted to share most in this blog is that there is no right or wrong!  As a parent you do the best you can because raising children is hard but so worth it!  Drink your coffee or not, cook or not but focus on you, your family, and your children.  Remember, there is no right or wrong when you are doing the best you can!  Please share your tips with us too, we would love to hear them!!!